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HP Officejet Pro 8640 Printer Install

First Time Setting Up HP Officejet Pro 8640 Setup

  1. To achieve the HP Envy printer setup (i123.hp.com/setup) ) remove the printer out of its packing. Check the package for all the list of items.
  2. Raise the lid of the scanner and remove the packing tape around it
  3. Tape and packing material from the clean out area and ink cartridge access area should also be removed
  4. Remove the packing tape from the paper tray door by extending it and push the paper tray forward until it clicks
  5. Turn on the printer by plugging it into a power source and set Preferences
  6. To fully configure the HP Envy printer setup press the down arrow on the control panel to select the language
  7. Then press the down arrows to select the Set Country/Region
  8. Press OK after each action
  9. Pull out the paper tray and the tray extender to load the paper
  10. The slider width guides can be adjusted to their outermost positions
  11. After loading and aligning the paper, push the paper tray forward till it clicks into place
  12. The ink cartridges have to be loaded through the access door which is raised and locked into place
  13. As the door is raised, the carriage automatically moves to an accessible position
  14. The carriage has to be idle and silent for the HP Envy printer set up to continue
  15. After taking the cartridge out of the package, remove the plastic tape from the top of it without touching the ink nozzles
  16. Lift the lid of the ink cartridge slot, press the cartridge in till it snaps into place
  17. Repeat the action for other ink cartridges and close the lid to secure the cartridges in their places
  18. Close the access door of the print cartridge and align the cartridge according to the instructions on the control panel
  19. After alignment of the ink cartridges the printer prints an alignment page